Big Basin Fungi

Brotherly Love

I’m still working with some of the photos I took when I visited Great Basin State Park.  The first thing I noticed when we got into the park, aside from the enormous trees, was the lush greenery. There was so much moss, I couldn’t tell which direction was north. I grew up in the east where the common wisdom was that moss only grew on the north side of a tree.  With all that moisture, there was bound to be some fungi lurking.

Today’s watercolor experiment:

I photographed an amazing collection of fungi that was attached to a downed tree. Light falling on some of the attached pieces of fungus (I don’t know what to call them – they are not leaves or petals) shown through, giving a rosy translucent effect. The fungus in the shadows were devoid of color, but had concentric ringed patterns along their edges.

Here is…

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Our Favorite DIYs of February 2015

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Although it was a short month, February was full of clever and creative DIYs!  Here are a few of our favorite DIYs from the month. Fall-For-DIY-Semi-Precious-Stone-Soap-1These jewels are definitely precious, they’ll wash away in water!  Make these jeweled soaps that are almost too pretty to use.

6a00d8358081ff69e201b8d0dba194970c-800wi (1)Pompoms are making their way off of our hats and into our home decor. Make this pompom wall hanging to add whimsy to your room!

MS4A1941This mini marble clock makes the prettiest side table accessory.


Add a touch of spring to your home with this ombre floral wall hanging.


Or personalize your primavera home decor with this typographic floral wall art!

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First Kiss

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Civil constuction

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15-02-06 Weekly Photo Challenge: Scale

Valentine day

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